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Dr. Suhani Shah | ND

Naturopathic Medicine, Lab Testing, Nutritional Coaching, Injection Therapy
Dr. Suhani Shah | ND

Dr. Shah graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario. After finishing school Dr. Shah felt a need for change after living in Toronto for 22 years; so in 2013 she moved to Calgary where she started practicing naturopathic medicine.  She has a general naturopathic family practice in which she treats both children and adults. She also holds a special interest in mental/emotional health, digestive health, hormonal and thyroid health, stress management, autoimmune conditions and pain management.

Dr. Shah’s journey with alternative medicine started at a young age through her personal health journey. Her own experiences are what drew her to pursue a career in healthcare. She has always had a passion for nutrition, biomedical sciences, and making people feel better. However, she has always felt that there should be more treatment options rather than just drugs and surgery and therefore, was not drawn to conventional medical school but wanted more than being a Registered Dietitian. Upon graduating with a BASc Hons with distinction from the Applied Human Nutrition program at the University of Guelph she discovered Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Shah found an instant connection with the naturopathic discipline – the philosophy, diagnostics, medical sciences, nutrition and other natural treatment modalities.

She believes that establishing a therapeutic relationship where the patient can build a connection to the doctor is critical for improving one’s health as this allows the patient to feel comfortable with expressing themselves. This helps Dr. Shah create an individualized treatment protocol helping to address the root cause (rather than just addressing each symptom individually) because she can better understand the patient on all levels – mental / emotional / physical.

Dr. Shah has been trained in Asian medicine and acupuncture, injection therapy, homeopathy, nutrition, botanical medicine, lifestyle counseling, and many physical modalities (i.e. hydrotherapy). She also provides laboratory testing for food sensitivities, hormonal testing and for digestive health.

Outside of the clinic, when Dr. Shah is not seeing patients, she enjoys cooking and experimenting with different ingredients in the kitchen; spending time with her friends; and loves dancing – salsa, East Indian dance, and belly dance are her favourites.