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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique similar to Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) where an acupuncture needle is used to relax tight muscles and stimulate the healing of over sensitive nerves. Its called “dry” because nothing is injected into the body.

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The number of treatments required depends on several factors: your general health, the duration and extent of your condition, how much scar tissue there is (previous surgery is bad news), and how quickly your body can heal. The rate of healing also depends on the condition of your nerves; young people usually heal quicker. If the pain is of recent origin, one treatment may be all that is necessary. The average person responds very well within 8 treatments.

The effects of dry needling/IMS are cumulative. Each needle stimulates a certain amount of healing until, eventually, the condition is healed and the pain disappears. Blood also brings a healing factor known as the Platelet Derived Growth Factor to injured tissues. IMS is like pruning a plant: you produce small injuries to stimulate new growth and replace the damaged tissue.

Dry needling relies on neurology and a Western understanding of anatomy for diagnosis and treatment. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture uses points based off of theory of energy flow called Qi.

Supersensitivity usually occurs when there is some irritation to the nerves that come from either your spinal cord or along the path of the nerve. An example would be when a nerve is compressed by tight muscles and the resulting friction causes nerve irritation.

One source of pain comes from nerve “supersensitivity”, this is where the brain interprets a normal stimulus to a nerve as being painful.

Another cause of pain is when a muscle is overactive and develops ‘knots’. These chronically contracted muscle feed abnormal information to the brain creating a pain cycle.

Dry needling is a focused acupuncture method specifically designed to break the pain cycle and promote healing.

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