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Energy Balls

Immune Boosting Energy Ball Recipe

These immune boosting, refined sugar-free energy balls created by Dr. Shah use ingredients to help support our immune system during cold and flu season. Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory and contains MCT oil. Ashwagandha supports your adrenals, immune system, and thyroid health and goji berries are rich in vitamin C and…

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A Holistic Approach to Treating Joint Pain – by Dr. Shah, ND

Arthritis Joint pain is extremely common and almost everyone has experienced some degree of joint pain at least once in their lives, whether it be due to an injury or another illness. Often, the onset of cold weather can worsen joint pain in many people making this a timely topic…

Golden Milk2

Golden Milk Recipe – From our ND Dr. Shah

Do you have inflammation in your body? It can be localized such as inflamed joints (arthritis), muscles or tendons (tendonitis) or more widespread which is often seen in autoimmune conditions. While there are many natural treatment options for decreasing inflammation depending on the root cause, turmeric is a very well-known…

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#RISEUP and take the challenge to join us at McHugh Bluff stairs Sept 24th for the 2nd ANNUAL SPINE CLIMB FUNDRAISER! The Spine Climb is in support of World Spine Care – an innovative organization that works to provide high-level musculoskeletal care to people with limited access to health care…

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Choosing Your Running Surface: Are You at Additional Risk of Injury?

Spring is upon us, which means longer days, more sun (we can only hope), and reprieve from the monotony of treadmill training. However, with the changing of the seasons and increased outdoor activity many healthcare practitioners are faced with a barrage of athletic injuries as a result of the de-conditioning…

30day Meditation

30 Day Meditation Challenge

The Ascent team just finished a 30 day meditation challenge. Most of the team participated to some degree and it was interesting to see how people made it their own and to notice where the challenges arose for people. For me (Ricki), I ended up missing every single Saturday in…


Ascent Christmas Newsletter & 2016 Highlight video

If you don’t receive our e-newsletters in your inbox you can check out our Christmas Newsletter here! Click subscribe if you would like to receive them in the future. Our newsletters let you know about feature programs happening at the clinic as well as wellness tips and information. This newsletter…


Read Dr. Fisher’s Concussion Article Published in IMPACT Magazine

In the article below, Dr. Fisher offers a comprehensive overview on the signs and symptoms of a concussion and he shares some best practice evidence for identifying and managing post concussion syndrome. In his practice Dr. Fisher utilizes cutting edge therapies in concussion management. Save Save Save


10 Reasons Why You Should Do The Spine Climb

  We are TWO DAYS away from our 1st Annual Spine Climb Fundraiser. If you haven’t registered yet we can bust all your excuses! Not in shape? Busy? Got kids? Not a problem. This event is for everyone. REGISTER NOW   1. It’s for ALL fitness levels – The Spine…

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