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Our integrated model gives you access to an entire team of healthcare professionals.

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Comprehensive Care

With our extensive clinical team and services, you will always receive the best care for your condition. We assess you as a whole person and our commitment goes beyond just relieving symptoms. We are focused on finding and correcting the underlying causes of your problem, guiding your recovery, and enabling you to become an active participant in your own health.


Expert Care

Our treatment plans are based on the latest clinical and scientific research to meet your specific needs and give you  confidence in our approach. Our team is continually becoming our best to ensure our patients receive cutting edge healthcare with lasting results. We are thorough in our assessments, unhurried in our care and attentive to the unique needs of each patient.


Collaborative Care

 We partner in your health by providing you with education, rehabilitation tools, and personalized treatment plans. Our network also extends beyond the healthcare specialists at Ascent so we can ensure you get the best care for your needs.

 Our downtown space is bright and modern, and our friendly staff are happy to assist you.

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Yoga for Extension-Sensitive Backs

This beginner-level yoga practice was designed for a patient who had a lot of back pain, especially with extension movements (bending backwards). If you have similar issues, or have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, facet joint issues, anterolisthesis, or stenosis, this routine may be helpful for you, or at…

Yoga Therapy Series #3 – Happy Hips

I think that a lot of people put a huge focus on hip mobility in their yoga practice. However, in my practice, many patients that come in with persistent hip ‘tightness’ have good mobility or even hypermobility. What they often lack is stability within their existing range of motion. Trying…

Meditation for Chronic Pain

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Some people who endure injuries seem to go on for years with ongoing pain, even though in most cases our tissues heal with time. There is often a sense of hopelessness as the person tries physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, injections, and so on, yet nothing…

Yoga Therapy Series #2 Robust Shoulders

Your shoulder is a complicated joint! Think about every way it can move as your reach your hand about. To control all this movement, the shoulder complex requires considerable dynamic stability. Muscles anchored to your spine, ribs, skull and sternum suspend your shoulder blade and collar bone in space and…

Recent Reviews

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Patti Legal
Patti Legal

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

My first experience with Ascent and Dr Fisher was about 2 years ago, for concussion management. Dr Fisher took the time to assess thoroughly and provide the appropriate treatment. He was a God send when no one else would help. I am back again for back and nerve pain management. Between Dr Fisher and physiotherapist Mark Austin, I’m receiving the best individual care possible. They take the time to do complete assessments and find the treatment that will work best for me, where I’m at right now in my pain. Mark provided me a yoga routine and took the time to create a video specific to my treatment.
I would, and have, recommend Ascent to anyone who is in need of exceptional professional treatment.
All the staff treat you with dignity and respect from the first phone call to walking into the office.

Katie Godin
Katie Godin

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 weeks ago

Mark is absolutely amazing! Would highly recommend him very easy to talk to, very understanding and goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and leave feeling better. Front desk ladies are super nice, 5 stars well deserved great place with even better staff!

Liming Sun
Liming Sun

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Will highly recommend Mark Austin for any of your physio needs. He helped me not only fix my thigh pain and neck pain, he walked me through to know about how muscles work together. Most importantly, he suggested some movements to help me to reduce the injuries from exercises. He is very responsible that would follow up with your situations.
I would definitely go to him if I ever need physio therapy. He is a very professional and kind person! Thanks!

Ryan Cacanindin
Ryan Cacanindin

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

You have to see Mark Austin for any of your physio needs. He not only fixed by neck AND hamstring strain, he gave me reasons why these muscle strains occurred. He walked me through the causes, the mechanics of the muscles and how they work, and exercises/stretches to help alleviate any pain and help improve flexibility.
I've seen countless physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors, acupuncturists for years, and they do not go to this level of detail with their patients like Mark has.
Thank god for Mark, because without him, I think I would still be a vegetable. :)
Next up, is my lingering shoulder pain and limited mobility and knee issues, all due to over use. Mark says "challenge accepted". And I 100% believe he can make this all better for me. See you next week buddy!

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